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Lookbook Looks and Elle.com

It’s that time again. Here are some looks I found on Lookbook.com and Elle.com (ya…I can’t believe it too).

I love chunky heels…only a few of us can totally pull it off.

Polka dots and a vibrant red dress? Of course!

This whole look is marvellous. It feels like a concert look.

Vanessa Santos

So preppy cute. Vanessa Santos knows class.

Now this is my kind of style. I love this.

Work-chic all the way. This look is fantastic.

Mika Kailes

Boy-chic! I really like the bow-tie.

This outfit is awesome!

Again, very cute. This fashion-blogger is “fan” worthy!

Don’t forget, it’s about matching different patterns this season..

It’s all about colours this summer too! Make sure you have your wardrobe ready.

Very very very chic! This is beautiful.

I love how people can make a lion t-shirt chic. This is amazing.


Look at this amazing jacket! Perfection!

Summer is almost over but in case you need to layer-up, this is how it’s done!

Boy-chic…not sure about the cat t-shirt though….

This coat is divine!

Elle.com featured these amazing concert-looks for it’s coachella addition. Check them out!

I love this top! Where can I get this top?

Rocker-chic! You gotta love those short shorts.

Gotta love the cut-off boots.

I’m not sold on the red boots, but I definitely love her white dress.

That’s it for me!

Lookbook Looks: Just for the boys

Men love to dress up too. Here’s what I found on Lookbook.com

Boy chic. The man of my dreams has this kind of swagger.

This is how you dress up without trying to hard.


Lookbook Looks

Time for more looks from lookbook.com

Kristina Bazan

When the nude look hits perfection, that’s how it looks like.

The girly look! A great outfit for school.

Tamara G.

Gotta love Tamara for her gutsiness.

Now that’s my kind of style.

Olivia Lopez

I like her sheer outfits that are behind her.


Oh Camille, how I love your style.

Bring on the colours! This is beautiful.


SWAG! That’s all I gotta say!

Pastel heaven! She looks beautiful.

Colours and gold! What’s not to like about this outfit? Her shoes are divine.